Dortch on Marketing (Update coming soon, I promise/hope!) :-)

What can I say? I've always been a marketing mind trapped in a technologist's...whatever. But the key point here is that evolving information technologies are fundamentally changing the nature of marketing, and what marketers have to do to survive and thrive competitively. You want proof? Facebook has more than 500 million users -- more than all but the largest countries have people. And no one's going to reach most of those people by running ads in printed newspapers or on broadcast media outlets alone.

Modern communications tools and social media are transforming marketing from a transactional activity to a conversational one, and those companies that engage in the right conversations, inform constituents and stakeholders in ways that help them, persuade those stakeholders positively and invite them to do or get things will win. Those that don't, won't.

Companies that Get It:

Apple -- as most recently demonstrated by how it handled "Antennagate," as discussed in my blog post on the subject.

-- a provider of SaaS/cloud-based solutions smart and brave enough to offer an unconditional, you're-happy-or-it's-free guarantee on all of its software and services. -- combining "crowdsourcing" of business expertise with online community to help buyers and vendors to connect more effectively, while making money, as I discuss in this blog post.

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More to come -- stay tuned, and come back often!