How I Can Help (or "Shameless Self-Promotion")

What I Do:
  • Create and refine effective outreach methodologies and supporting collateral, from news releases to business and technical thought leadership documents, presentations, blogs, podcasts, Webcasts, and documentation -- rapidly, well, "to style" and "to deadline!"
  • Provide assessment, analysis, and insight, into industry- or market-specific trends or into customer, partner, prospect, or user behaviors, via interviews, surveys, or focus groups, in person or via teleconference or online meetings.
  • Develop, recommend, and support strategies and actions for business development, technology comparisons and evaluations, IT-business alignment, competitive positioning or other business-critical tasks.
  • Build and grow communities of customers, partners, or other key constituencies, via effective, integrated outreach and communications.
  • Whatever else makes sense, once we've had an initial discussion (at no cost to you, of course)!

How I Do It:
  • Per project, based on negotiated pricing per deliverable or "time and materials," whichever works best for your needs and situation.
  • As a retained advisor, which includes ad-hoc, on-demand (and discounted!) access to me for specific projects and continuing strategic discussions, priced to be predictable, affordable, and flexible.
If you'd like to see writing samples beyond the blog posts to which you can link from the navigation sidebar to the left of this very page, feel free to contact me directly at, let me know your specific interest areas, and I'll send you some relevant examples. Or we can just start talking about your specific challenges, and I can write something for YOU!