Dortch on Collaboration (Update coming soon, I promise/hope!) :-)

Every business action, transaction, and process is the result of at least one collaboration. Collaboration technologies range from telephones and fax machines, which date from the 1800s, to e-mail, chat, text messaging, and social media such as MySpace and Facebook. So how best to decide which mix of technologies, policies, and practices is best for your organization? I have some ideas...

Some of the Vendors that Get It:

Facebook -- because after what appeared to be a "fluffy" social initial focus, the company is transforming its network into a platform, supporting interoperability with business platforms and applications for tasks such as recruiting...and more coming...

Apple -- for building simple, effective collaboration tools, including decent microphones, sound, and cameras into its Macs (including the MacBook Pro I'm using right now), and helping to make the iPhone an increasingly powerful and flexible mobile collaboration tool.

IBM -- because really, who's been running their business on IT-enabled collaboration longer, across more diverse constituencies, and under a broader range of changing business goals and conditions...or helping other businesses to do so?

Companies such as Google and Zoho -- for putting a growing range of easy-to-use, easy-to-integrate collaboration tools in the cloud, with many available for at least basic use for free!

More Dortch on Collaboration:

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More to come soon -- feel free to write me at if you've got suggestions, or collaboration-related challenges with which I might help you. (No charge for an initial telephone or e-mail discussion, of course!)