Dortch on Business Intelligence

"Business Intelligence" (or "BI") is like chicken soup -- everyone has their own idea of the best recipe for success, and there's room for many more than one right answer or approach. But all of the good ones focus less on which tools or technologies an organization uses, and more on how an organization can best define, measure, maintain, and increase its own specific intelligence, in terms of dealing effectively with clients, employees, partners, and prospects.

Some of the Vendors that Get It:

SAP -- because of their dominance in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and related areas, and because many of their users are some of the savviest managers of IT and information I've met.

Pentaho, JasperSoft, OpenBI, and SQLstream -- because they are doing innovative, effective things in BI with open source foundations, making BI more affordable and accessible to more people, and building interesting partner ecosystems.

More coming soon...stay tuned!

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More to come soon -- feel free to write me at if you've got suggestions, or BI-related challenges with which I might help you. (No charge for an initial telephone or e-mail discussion, of course!)